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Lilly The Cham-Cat! :iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 2 6
Short TNS Story: Late Apologies
“Where have you guys been?!”
Crystal stood angrily in Nate's room. Her arms were crossed and there was veins popping through her forehead.
“Uh, ... we went out showing Nate around the village..?” Comet lied.
Haylee, Oliver, Violetta, Layla and Nate nodded quickly, trying to muster the best smile ever.
Crystal shook her head and sighed. “Do you know how many HOURS I waited for you guys to come back?! I looked like an IDIOT wearing my armor outside ALL day, waiting for you goofs!” Crystal hissed.
It was Violetta's turn to speak up. “Crystal we're so sorry, I-I tried sto-”
“Yeah you tried stopping them, but you couldn't, didn't you?” Crystal asked, caring lease if she didn't let Violetta finish.
“Uh, yes.. how'd you know?” Violetta asked, rubbing her arm.
From the look of Crystal's expression, Violetta took the answer that Crystal didn't want to answer her question.
“If you want to keep skipping training session
:iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 3 20
Espayla :iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 3 13 Introducing My New Character! :iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 2 23
Sonamy Boom Story- Mistletoe
Sonamy Boom- Mistletoe
“Ah! Absolutely perfect!” Gleamed a sakura, pink female hedgehog named Amy.
She placed one gloved hand on her slim waist and used the other to wipe her sweaty forehead.
“All I have to do is wait until the cake is done, that’ll give me forty four minutes for a quick shower!” Amy said as she walked towards her bathroom.
She hummed ‘Jingle Bells’ while applying shampoo onto her soft, damped pink fur and quills.
Once Amy was done drying herself, she put on green and red striped stockings (exactly like her purple ones), then a red, Santa designed dress with extra fluff to make her comfortable and warm, combat boots, same striped colored as the stockings headband, then she lastly placed a bow on her headband by her left ear.
She smiled and spun around, then did a small leap.
“What's that smell?” Amy mused, scrunching up her nose.
Thick black smoke filled the bathroom she was still in.
Her eyes widen as she remembere
:iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 25 27
SonAmy Boom Mistletoe :iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 3 6
The Monster Inside Me
Chapter Ten- I Control Your Every Move And Breath
Violetta's  POV
“Violetta. Hey, Violet, Violetts, it's time to get up.” Said Oliver in a sing, song tone.
‘He's right child, we need to get up, I still have big plans to be accomplish.’
“Ugh.. Oliver..? What- what're you doing in here?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.
“Kimi made dinner, it's steak, mashed potatoes and pees, your favorite.” Oliver winked.
I blushed, only a little so Oliver won't see. “Why? I've been acting so mean towards you guys for no explanation.” I said.
“Well, Kimi and I were thinking.. you've been sleeping a lot, stressing and plus, you've been through a lot, so we made you some nice, I think editable food!” Oliver joked.
I laughed and punched him playfully in the shoulder. “It felt good to laugh after such a long day.” I said.
Oliver sighed. I watched him grab my hands into his.
“I'm very worried about you Violettes. You've b
:iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 2 13
TMIM Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine- I See You
Creon's  POV
“Well, we're here kiddos! This is my old lab where I worked with William... and Julie and Aron.” I said.
“Whoa..”, Comet said, eyes bulging at the rusty, old beaten building.
“How do we get in?” Crystal asked.
“Ha! That's the best part of my lab! C'mon, follow me, also you might want to watch out for those small flags, if you touch those you will activate the security system, and that will be very bad.” I warned.
“What will happen?” Haylee asked.
I growled quietly and lowly. I still don't trust her around Comet and Crystal.
William's evil darkness is in that stupid amulet she's wearing! I don't know why I didn't destroy it while I still had the chance.
“What will happen child, is that one of my intruder detecters will trap you in it's bubble and it will take you to an unknown prison. It is impossible to escape from it, if you confront a detecter, just simply feel no fear, the det
:iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 3 7
Adult TNS part 2 :iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 4 15 Adult TNS pt 1 :iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 3 12 Dawn Redesign :iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 2 18
SHSS 2- Rosy's Flames
Chapter Nine- Confessions
Manic's POV
“Mina!” I blushed. I can't believe she was behind me, did she hear me confess my feelings?!
“Manic”, Mina gasped. She ran towards me and hugged me tightly.
It was obvious she's crying, I could hear her sniffle.
“I thought everyone I knew was gone!” She sobbed.
I sighed sadly as I patted her shoulder, poor Mina, she squeezed me harder.
“Don't say that, you have us.” I said, giving Mina a hopeful smile.
Mina smiled back and sniffled. “Thanks.” She croaked.
Mina then let go of my shoulders and looked around.
“Hi Amy, hey Sonic..” Mina said awkwardly.
“Hi!” Amy greeted happily.
Sonic awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled.
Mina then looked back at me and whispered, “Does your brother hate me?” Mina asked.
I laughed. “Heck no girl! It was just a mistake, besides, Sonic could never hate one of his friends!” I said loudly.
:iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 2 12
Classic Sonamy Story- Don't Let Them Get To You
“There's no way he'll love her!”
“Ugh dude, I don't ever want to be seen with THAT around me!”
“She's such an ugly burden on his shoulders!”
“Just look at that tutu!” “Look at those ridiculous shoes!” “Look at her quills, such a copy!”
“Does she seriously fight with that puny hammer?”
“She can't even fight at all! Why do you think Sonic has to save her all the time!”
She tried ignoring them. But she just couldn't help herself but silently cry.
Each night she cries herself to sleep. She just can't stand the horrible remarks from people she doesn't even know.
Amy always told herself to shrug it off and remain shrugging the haters and tears off, but she slowly began to think that the advice from herself is quickly rubbing off.
She just couldn't take it. No matter how hard she tries, they'll always taunt and hurt her.
So she began hiding herself away from her friends, the public citizens, even S
:iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 16 24
Sonamy Story- I'll Keep My Promise
Look at me in the eyes and lie to me...
Act like I'll believe anything...
Amy tapped her foot rapidly while having her arms crossed over her chest with a angry look plastered on her face.
Sonic looked at her hopelessly. He had this nervous face that he could muster.
She examined the blue speedster very descriptively. The looks that can kill from HER made Sonic even more nervous and guilty.
“I can't f**king believe you Sonic the hedgehog!!!” Amy snarled.
Sonic blinked. He wasn't expecting this. He expected a slap in the face or something painful like her hammer.
“I'm sorry babe. I was drunk!” Sonic said. He tried to grab Amy's hands but she swatted his hands away.
“Don't freaking touch me cheater!” Amy hissed.
“Babe-” Sonic didn't get to finish his sentence.
“Don't call me 'babe' anymore Sonic! I can't believe you would cheat on me, ON OUR F**KING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!” Amy yelled.
“I swear Amy, I was drunk!!!” Sonic p
:iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 9 9
Blue and Pink :iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 6 10
The Monster Inside Me (TMIM)
Chapter Eight- The Second Journal
Cathy's POV
I followed Layla as she walked towards a rock and sat on it.
She looked depressed and ashamed.
I walked towards her and sat next to her. “Layla”, I said softly, “Please tell me what's wrong, you know you can trust me. I know things are looking bad, but I promise we can flip these things around and get back with the other's soon.” I said in a soothing tone.
Layla sighed. “I'm not worried about this, I know we can get back with the other's, it's just-” Layla got cut off when Kayla shouted something.
Layla immediately stood up and walked towards Kayla.
Dang it! I got up and walked towards Kayla as well.
“Look at this!” Kayla said, holding a journal in her hands.
“A journal.. it looks kinda old or something..” Layla said.
Layla was right. There were stains on the cover, I wasn't sure if they were blood stains. There were some ripped pages, the book smelled like old, sour thick dust.
:iconsonamylover0986:SonAmyLover0986 3 11


Sonic Boom Era :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 331 52 Sunshine :iconmarkmak:markmak 800 57 Sonamy Boom :iconmegaloceros-urhirsch:Megaloceros-Urhirsch 272 28 Nate the dog :iconyussi2000:Yussi2000 3 7 shadow in westopolis :iconcatnaro:catnaro 1,014 68 Merry Christmas 2013!!! :iconunichrome-uni:Unichrome-uni 559 45 Silver :iconshira-hedgie:Shira-hedgie 711 25 WALLPAPER : Christmas time with Shadow and Rouge :iconshira-hedgie:Shira-hedgie 394 15 Sonic and Amy Boom! :iconnala6098:Nala6098 20 18 020 :iconicen-hk:Icen-HK 156 21 STH- Roasting marshmallows :iconninjahaku21:NinjaHaku21 207 12 The real rivalry :iconmyly14:Myly14 1,673 233 Sonic CD :iconaamypink:Aamypink 1,351 168 Sonic's Chili Dog :iconsonicschilidog:SonicsChilidog 872 97 Cream Chease and Vanilla Winter :iconbhir:bhir 102 17 Emerge :iconknockabiller:knockabiller 324 33



Hey guys, I'm gonna be deactivating this account cause I actually wanted to change my username but I can't since I'm not a core member, but please watch my other account @HayleeHedgie01 I'll post more soon once I'm settled :D

And thanks for the favs, comments and the LAVVVVV, I'll see ya guys on my other account!

Goodbye SonAmyLover0986! :D


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